Traditional House in Bteghrine
That was the property of Shaker Saliba




Another traditional house of Bteghrine




Original house of Simon Habib Tabcharani
click on the picture to look inside the house




House of Najem Tabcharani (Under construction)




House of Dr. Tony Fahed Harik




Another traditional house of Bteghrine




Beit Abou Shedid




House of Michael Mourad Saliba




House of Sands



The old ladder




Mahdaleh of the house of sand




House of Habib Semaan El Murr




Houses of Najem and Nizar Tabcharani




Farah Samaha House Under renovation




Under renovation old style house




Another view of the renovated house




Al '3Aked' from inside




House of Gerges Saliba




Another view of Beit Abou Shedid




Under the snow


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